Conducing an Employment History Search

The Pros and Cons of a Third Party Employment History Search

Hiring a private investigator or background investigations firm to conduct an employment history search for you is one of the most convenient ways to obtain the information that you need in order to make smart hiring, renting, lending, or personal decisions based on an individual’s work history. On the plus side, you don’t need to do anything other than provide the investigator with pertinent details and then pay the bill. Because background investigators often have access to huge databases of public records, the search results could come quickly. In addition, background investigators know the common pitfalls of conducting investigations and how to avoid them. On the minus side, you will likely pay a premium for this service.

The Pros and Cons of Conducting an Employment History Search by Yourself

Because most of the information in a basic background check search comes from public records, it is possible to look up the information yourself. On the plus side, you’ll pay significantly less than you would if you hired an investigator. On the minus side, you may find the process tedious and time-consuming. You may need to travel to public agencies such as courthouses, city clerks’ offices, and employment development offices in order to view the information, too. For legal purposes, obtaining consent to conduct a background check is highly recommended. And, you could stumble over common pitfalls and be ill-equipped to overcome them or be unaware of that a problem even exists. For example, what if two people share the same name? Professional background investigators know to check and doublecheck that the information gathered is on the intended individual.

A Better Way to Conduct an Employment History Search: Online Databases

Online public records databases allow you to conduct a work history search without having to travel to courthouses and agencies or mail written requests to the state office of vital statistics. You’ll likely incur some fees searching online; however, when you compare the fees to the cost of a private investigator or third party background check service, you’ll likely save a great deal of money. Keep in mind that you would incur fees going directly through the federal, state, county, or city agency, too. Searching online databases can provide you with the best of both worlds. These public records databases are similar to the databases used by private investigators, and give you access to the same information without the middle man.

The Pros and Cons of an Online Employment History Search

When you opt to conduct your own online records search, you may need to conduct several searches across multiple databases, and you could receive information on several people each with the same name. Fortunately, online public records services feature search tools that are easy to use and configure. In addition, when results include several individuals with the same name, additional information such as date of birth is provided so that you can isolate the person whom you are researching. On the plus side, conducting an employment history search online is fast and easy. On the minus side, you may need to filter through the results to make sure that the information is specific to the individual being investigated.